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My ambition is to provide quality

foot CARE

For your entire family

Serving ottawa & surrounding areas(now open saturdays)



Chiropodist Nadley

After attending the University of Toronto, I graduated in 2002 with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biology and Psychology and minoring in Chemistry. The Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences is where I headed to next. I graduated in 2006 and obtained my Diploma in Chiropody. I have an extensive background in Hospital, Community Health and Private Practice with over 17 years experience working with and developing programs for High Risk Diabetic population. I have also obtained my International Interprofessional Wound Care Certificate from the University of Toronto. I am in Good Standing with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. Helping a variety of clients and managing a healthy work-life balance is what brings me back to focus primarily on Private Practice.

Chiropodist Nadley photo

I can help with

Foot pain

This can be anything that hurts from the ankle to the toes

Plantar Fasciitis

This is a type of heel pain.  Treatment using Shockwave Therapy is now available


These are contagious and also known as verrucae. Treatment using Swift is now available


These can be off-the-shelf pre-fabricated foot supports or custom made just for you

Diabetic footcare

Foot treatments geared specifically to folks living with diabetes where we also check circulation, sensation, skin and nail status

Ingrown toenails

Where the toenail grows very close or actually into the skin causing pain and possibly infection 

Kids footcare

Chiropody treatment geared specifically to the very young crowd where we play special music, get the littles to participate in their foot health and leave with a smile and a treat


An arthritic condition resulting in a noticeable bump on the side of your big toe which may or may not be painful or difficult to fit in shoes

clinic pictures

Here are some pictures from our clinic at 1701 Woodward Drive Ottawa

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