What is Chiropody?

The practice of Chiropody encompasses the assessment of the feet as well as the prevention of disease or disorders.  This is accomplished via therapeutic methods, custom orthotics and pallative means.

What is a Chiropodist?

A Chiropodist specializes in the medical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity (knees, legs and hips).

What does a Chiropodist do?

As an essential member of the health care team, a Chiropodist specializes in assessing, treating and providing ongoing care of the patient's feet.  A Chiropodist is trained in a wide range of procedures from proper shoe fitting to orthotics to soft tissue surgery.  In addition a Chiropodist will design custom foot care programs to strive for good foot health.

Why should you see a Chiropodist?

Common foot conditions, foot deformities, infections and injuries can restrict your daily activities and limit your mobility.  As well, these ailments can impact your knees, hips and other parts of the body.

What can a Chiropodist do for you?

The importance of healthy feet is not to be underestimated.  The Chiropodist and the patient work together to design a treatment regimen best suited to the condition presenting. Our goal is to utilize chiropodial techniques to help eliminate foot pain, gain mobility, and maintain our patient's general health starting with their feet.

Do I need a referral to see a Chiropodist?

A referral from your doctor is not needed to see a Chiropodist