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Arthritis? In My Feet? What Does That Look Like?

Most of us, when we think of arthritis, picture greatly aged folks, hobbling around with canes or other supportive devices. We rarely associate arthritis with our feet. There are a variety of arthropathies that can affect our feet and can happen at ANY age. Many of us have heard of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. These are common diseases of the joints. But there is also septic arthritis, gout, pseudogout, ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis to round out the list.

Why some of us develop arthritis and others do not is still up for debate! There are so many factors that contribute to the cause of arthritis and they differ from person to person. Likewise, those of us that have arthritis may or may not have symptoms and the severity of those symptoms can vary too!

Your family doctor, arthritis specialist, physiotherapist, massage therapist and Chiropodist are just a few members of your care team ready to support you. Treatment can range from medications to surgical interventions depending on the severity of your arthritic condition. You will have access to many supportive measures tailored specifically to you. Please know that there are options and you do not have to suffer alone.

Your Chiropodist will help you navigate the sea of therapies available. We will help you determine if you are in fact suffering from an arthritic condition and develop a care plan that best suits your specific needs. There may be redness, swelling, loss of sensation, clawed toes, hammer toes, bunions, stiff joints, cracking sounds, pain, or nodule formation on your feet. And, if the arthritis is affecting your hands and thus your ability to don particular types of footwear, compression garments or even maintain basic foot care, your Chiropodist will be there to support you.

You are not on your own! Reach out today. I am happy to help!

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