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How to keep your feet happy in the middle of a pandemic (and always!)

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

  • Keep them protected: A lot of us are working from home these days. We may not be wearing appropriate shoes, slippers or orthotics as we normally would. And if you're like me, kids may be home a lot more with virtual school, lack of playdates, cancelled extra curricular activities and most recently, a stay at home order! This can mean more foot hazards laying around such as lego pieces, train track bits and random doll parts which can cause painful injuries. I once found a puzzle piece in a patient's shoe and he had no idea it was in there causing the smallest amount of pressure, indenting my patient's foot which could have led to a wound as my patient had complete loss of sensation in their feet resulting from diabetes. So please protect your feet! Appropriate fitting footwear with socks is just as important now as it was before!

  • Clean them: Washing and drying our feet daily is a must. Check and pay special attention to that small space in between your toes too. Tiny cracks can be the doorway to potential infections. And too much moisture in between the toes from a quick brush across the bathmat could lead to the same type of problem. After you have washed and dried them well apply an appropriate moisturizer and a clean pair of socks. Seam free socks are recommended for folks living with diabetes or poor circulation.

  • Use them: Now more than ever probably, our mental health is under a lot of strain. Get out and go for a walk, hike or run. It's good physically and mentally. Do what you can. Listen to your body. Soak up the beautiful weather that has headed our way. And always, I am here should you need me. I care and I want to help. Let's address your foot concerns together to help you take a step towards better health.

Feel free to contact me for any feet related concerns

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